Hair History

It’s fun to look back on iconic hairstyles. With our party coming up at the beginning of April I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the standouts from the 60’s.

Image 3-4-16 at 12.16 AM (1)THE BOUFFANT: Rumor has it that the bouffant was created for Marie Antoinette. Apparently she had thin hair, so they teased it out to create an illusion of thick hair. Jacki-O popularized the cut in the United States in the early 60’s and helped to bring it back on the scene. Many women wore a bouffant throughout the 60’s. During the late 60’s it was more common for an older woman to retain this style, even though the younger women were trending toward long hair parted in the middle.

Image 3-4-16 at 12.16 AM (5)THE BEEHIVE: Oh boy! This hairstyle takes some serious work. Tease tease tease tease! Created in 1960, by Chicago stylist Margate Vinci Heldt, this hairstyle was born out of inspiration from a fez hat. (they are the shape of a truncated cone.) She was asked to form a hairstyle that would ’spice up” the hairstyling scene; she was inspired by her fez hat that had beaded bees sewn onto it. The style was shaped to emulate the shape of her hat, so she called it the Beehive!

HALF UP BOUFFANT: Worn so beautifully by French bombshell, Brigette Bardot, this style is a looser spin on the original bouffant. It’s a classic style that still looks sexy today. Also, it can be worn tied back into what would be called a Bouffant Pony.
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THE AFRO: With the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s the afro was a representation of freedom, and for some blacks wearing an afro was a political act. This helped spawn what is now called the natural hair movement. In French-speaking countries, it is termed ‘mouvement nappy’.

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THE PIXIE: Also viewed as a style of liberation, the Pixie was very popular in the 60’s and worn famously by Mia Farrow and Lesley Hornby. (Twiggy)

MOD BOB: In France the bob is referred to as the “coupe a la Jeanne D’Arc”. French celebrity hairstylist Antoine named the hairstyle after in Joan of Arc when popularizing the style in 1909. Needless to say, the bob has a long history, but Vidal Sassoon re-styled the bob in 1963 and called it the 5 point bob.


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