Hair Date at Context Salon

New Service for When 2 People Book at the Same Time

Catch up with a friend, while getting beautiful and pampered at the same time. This is a new service from Context Salon for two people who are EACH BOOKING A HAIRCUT AND COLOR/ or HIGHLIGHT with ONE STYLIST at the same time.

We piggyback your services and you EACH get $20 off your bill. That’s a total savings of $40; enough to grab a bite to eat after your appointment!

Plan about 3 hours for your date. If one person shows up 30 minutes before the other, that works. That gives us time to get started. We will provide wine, or tea. Feel free to bring snacks.

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* this service is not recommended for color corrective services. For example of you have black hair and want to be blonde this is not the service for you. If you have questions about this please inquire ahead of time.

Thank you.